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Will Kay, Dog Trainer & Behaviourist. Qualified BCCS Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour (Distinction), fully insured.

"It all started ten years ago when my wife and I got our first bulldog, Dukes. 


Unbeknown to us, he hadn't been socialised correctly as a puppy and so was out of control! One dog trainer even told us to have him put down, but we just couldn't believe that was the answer.


We found a local Dog Behaviourist in Bournemouth who was an ex-police dog handler. He worked closely with us to turn Dukes into a dog that we could trust and enjoy living with. It fascinated me how quickly we got results. I noticed that all the little mistakes we were making were having a huge impact on Duke's behaviour. 


Within a short space of time, Dukes became a very calm, balanced and happy dog."


Well trained Dog with a baseball cap


Dog Trainer on beach with dog


Well trained Dog with baseball cap on


"This is when I started working with other dogs who needed my help, both as a Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer in Bournemouth, Dorset.


My previous career focused on training and developing people to improve results in business. I’ve been accredited by Pareto Law to deliver effective training, coaching and feedback to humans. Who thought I would have ended up here?! I’m pretty sure I’m the only Dog Behaviourist & Dog Trainer in the UK, certainly in Bournemouth, that’s qualified to work with both humans and dogs to the level that I am.


Considering that with most cases of Dog Behaviour Modification it’s 80% training the human and 20% training the dog, becoming qualified in Dog Behaviour seemed like a natural step, and Calm Down Dawg was born. 

To date (June 2023) I've worked with 2500 dogs.

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