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Lead Aggression and Separation Anxiety are not the only behavioural issues that dog owners can suffer from. Extreme barking for example is a common behaviour that we work with, with many owners looking for muzzles or anti-barking solutions to try and rectify the behaviour. We believe this is not needed.


With the right modification plan, each dog can learn correct behaviour. We do believe however, each dog is different which is why a personalised plan needs to be created for your dog, to be truly effective. 


"His barking was both annoying & stressful"
We contacted Will at Calm Down Dawg because our boxer kept barking at us when we stopped on a walk. With three kids needing our attention as well, it was both annoying and stressful to deal with, and it seemed to be getting worse every time we went out!
Within a single session, Will talked us through what to do, showed us how to stop this behaviour, and since then it’s not been a problem. We can’t thank him enough.
Lucy, Southbourne
Submissive Border Terrier in home crate


"Stella's trauma made her anxious and submissive"
"By the time Stella, our border terrier, was nine months old, she'd swallowed a fishing lure and got barbed hooks through her tongue and lip. Then a few months later, she fractured her leg in three places whilst out on a walk. All the trauma must have had an impact on her because she became anxious and very submissive.
"Will showed us the way forward with Stella, and how to build her confidence back up (as well as loads of other tips and hints). Stella was back to her lively terrier-self in no time – she even likes the vet again! Will’s after-care was great as well".
Leigh, Southbourne


"Monty was a jumpy & boisterous young Labrador"

"I would highly recommend Will to deal with fears & phobias"

We have a very loving but very jumpy and boisterous young Labrador, so we asked for Will's help on what we could be doing to help settle and calm our pup.

There was a consultation at home, where Will observed the pup and showed us techniques on how to positively reinforce good behaviour and ignore the bad.

Will also explained why dogs behave in certain ways, and that knowledge in itself has been invaluable. Lots of information and advice was covered in the areas that were important to us, and going forward we can definitely see improvements already.
Becky and Dan, Somerford, Christchurch
Boisterous Labrador Puppy in owners arms
Schnauzer dog sitting in field


"Will spent the afternoon with us and our Schnauzer, Monty. Monty took to Will within 15 minutes - he has a very calming effect. Will has so much knowledge, and I love that he explains how the dog would be feeling, which made us understand why Monty reacts as he does.
Lots of work to do, but really feel we will get the results we are looking for with all his advice and help. We had one very tired dog at the end of the session! 
Monty's Positive owners


"Will even helped us remotely as we were based in Belfast"
Pablo - more success.jpg
Will helped us so much with our nervous and anxious rescue Pablo! As we live in Belfast we couldn't manage to meet up, instead we had a couple of calls with Will where he asked a load of questions - even by that I knew he knew what he was talking about. Also we were able to send him videos of behaviours if they weren't as straight forward to explain. 
He made us feel so much better even just by knowing we weren't alone and our issues where fixable. He sent us different papers on behaviours which he also explained to us again over the phone if we had questions.
Even in 3 months we have seen major improvements from Pablo. He is not as nervous/anxious anymore, no more biting of the kitchen and his bed. He seems so much more happy, and it's such a relief! 
Will checked in with us continuously and if any questions popped up in the meanwhile we could always email him and we'd set up a call to go over things. I didnt think it would be possible to get that much of an improvement with a remote kind of training but it worked.
We are very thankful and will continue to use all the tips and advise given by Will! Thanks a million again - and if you're ever in Belfast let us know :) 
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