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Rescue dog golden retriever lying down with tongue out



Many dog owners that we meet have adopted a rescue dog or puppy from a local shelter, such as the RSPCA - aiming to bring a little happiness and calmness into their dogs lives. These dogs not only have genetic issues to contend with, but also bring with them the potential trauma of being re-homed, sometimes countless times. For some rescue dogs, this can result in additional behaviour problems that need to be addressed. 

It is always helpful to try and find out as much information about your rescue dog's background as you can, however sometimes this is not always possible. Common behaviour that rescue dogs can display include the following:

  • Aggression - this may have been caused by aggression from their owner in the past, and depending on their genetics can result in rescue dogs being possessive of their owner due to fear of being neglected again. 

  • Anxieties - this is caused by fear and trust issues from rescue dogs

  • Destructive Behaviour - this is an attempt from the dog to calm their nerves, often by chewing

  • Separation Anxiety - many rescue dogs display separation anxiety as a result of fear that their owners won't return,

The good news is that these behaviours are easily fixed with the right behaviour plan, suited to your rescue dogs needs. Here are just some of the rescue dogs that Will at Calm Down Dawg has worked with in the past. 


"Will's expertise and experience has been invaluable in training and calming down Stanley"
We got Stanley as a rescue puppy at 8 months old, and while he was not neglected, he lived his life in a small flat, didn't get the exercise he needed, wasn't socialised, and was in some pretty bad habits.
Will was able to help us identify these and put in place some brilliant training techniques. Stanley is now a completely different dog to how he was before Will came along.
Thanks again Will for all your help - I would highly recommend! 
Stanley's proud owner
Rescue Dog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier sitting on the sofa


French Bulldog Puppy, Rescue Dog lying down
We couldn't have got this far without Will's help - we would recommend him to anyone! 
Will came and helped my husband and I with our rescue french bulldog pup Winnie. She was emotionally quite damaged when we rescued her, and we weren't sure how to help her for the best.
Will had amazing knowledge of not only the bulldog breed, but also dealing with rescue's and their anxieties. She is a very bright, high energy dog that does not tire and settle easily, but Will gave us loads of tips and advice on mental stimulation games we could do with her that actually work!
We were given a very comprehensive behaviour plan to follow, and 6 months on from rescuing Winnie I can say we are well on the way to having a well behaved balanced dog.
Separation anxiety is still an ongoing slow process but Will is always on the end of an email to offer further advice.
Winnie's thankful owner


Rescue Dog with tongue out


Will gave sound knowledge and had total calmness. This instilled confidence and knowledge into what I was trying to achieve with my rescue Bulldog Merlot.
Thank you for your help! 
A very satisfied owner
"After only half an hour we could see the difference"
After being with Will for only half an hour our dog Sansa, stopped being aggressively reactive to other dogs.
We still have a long way to go, but Sansa has made huge steps already. Thanks Will for all your ongoing help and advice to us.
Sansa's grateful owner
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