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Whether you are about to bring your puppy home for the first time, or whether you already have one settled in your home, looking after a puppy can be a daunting and testing experience for anyone. That is why at Calm Down Dawg we are here to provide help and guidance for you, whatever stage in the puppy journey you are at.


Perhaps you would like to instil the right behaviours from the start for your puppy, or maybe your puppy has already developed unwanted behaviours; whatever the case learning the right training techniques is crucial to ensure that your puppy grows up to be the obedient dog that you wish for.


We've worked with countless puppies (and their owners!), ranging from seven weeks, to twelve months to provide the correct training to you to enable you to look after your puppy effectively- be that crate training, addressing puppies biting, whining at night or lunging on a walk.


The good news, is that with the right training techniques, all of these behaviours can be addressed, as we discuss on our Puppy page. In the meantime, take a look at some of the puppies that Calm Down Dawg has recently worked with. 


"I would strongly recommend taking advice from Will before getting a new puppy as training is vital"


Being a first time dog owner, I was not sure about raising a pet dog, but sure that I wanted one. Will was away in the US at that time, but was kind enough to call me, and gave me a lot of valuable information which was very helpful during the initial puppy days.


He suggested crate training and to let the puppy sleep on his own, even if he cries and whines. We did it with a heavy heart. Sunny cried for 2 days and has been so good ever since then! Will came home and spent a few hours with us which really helped us to discipline and raise a happy and well behaved dog. Whenever I was not sure about a certain puppy behaviour,  Will would happily answer my queries very promptly. 


Will is very professional and very knowledgeable. If you do end up with a naughty dog then don’t worry you still have Will to help you!

Sunny's owner

Welsh Corgi Puppy dog


Black Labrador Puppy.jpg

"We struggled with lead pulling, lunging and biting until Will came along"

We had Purdey, our Labrador puppy for six weeks, and already she was becoming a bit of a handful.


With a few difficult issues of pulling the lead on walks, lunging and biting hard, we were at a loss as to how to control her so we contacted Will.


He came to visit us and we went to a nearby open area where we had a very enjoyable and educative couple of hours, for us and our pup.  We felt very positive when we got home that we could now turn things around. 


Will is so patient and calm and got amazing results.

Thank you Will.

Another thankful owner



"Will is so knowledgable, and even for dog owners like us, who have had dogs before, he has been invaluable"


Refreshing our memory and having some great tips and guidance for giving our boy the best start has been brilliant. After all every dog is different. I believe it's worth every penny to invest in your dog.


We have a well behaved (well for a puppy!!) boy. What's also great about Will is that he's always happy to give advice anytime and he genuinely has an interest in us and our pup. Thoroughly recommended Will.

A grateful Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog owner


vizsla puppy.jpg

"I can't recommend Will enough... he is genuinely interested in how Cooper is doing"

Will gave us invaluable advice and guidance for giving our Vizsla puppy, Cooper the best start in life.  

Will is extremely knowledgeable and full of good advice on what is acceptable behaviour and what is unwanted behaviour.


We worked on puppy basics, including crate training.. during our training the difference we saw in Cooper was huge. I would highly recommend Will, he has a calming and positive approach to working with you and the dogs. You learn so much and feel far more in control after your sessions. Book in now you won't regret it. The investment in your dog is worth every penny.

A thankful Vizsla puppy owner



"I wanted to make sure Louie didn't learn destructive behaviours amongst others... "


I got Will in when my french bulldog Louie was just 4 months old, after he was recommended by a friend, to ensure I set him on the right path from as early as possible.


I wanted to learn techniques to ensure Louie didn't become destructive when left alone, as well as how to introduce Louie to walking on the lead.


Will helped me nail all of the above. Louie is now 8 months old and is a calm and balanced dog already at such a young age. Will has helped me no end and is very responsive if I message him with any kind of query.

One calm puppy owner

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