puppies can become calm dogs

"I was a problem pup"

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Mistakes made in puppyhood often mean that we need to come in when the dog is older to fix a whole host of unwanted behaviours.


Not only that, but your dog may already be confused, anxious, fearful or aggressive as a result.

Prevention is better than cure.

We feel passionate about helping your beloved puppy have the best start in life.


We work with you and your pup in and out of the home spending time to build a unique Behaviour Modification Plan, that is specific to your dogs breed needs.


This gives you the peace of mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will work together to get you the ‘normal dog’ that you set out to love and adore. 

Monty - 5* Google Review


"We have a very loving but very jumpy and boisterous young Labrador, so we asked for Will's help on what we could be doing to help settle and calm our pup.

"There was a consultation at home, where Will observed the pup and showed us techniques on how to positively reinforce good behaviour and ignore the bad.

"Will also explained why dogs behave in certain ways, and that knowledge in itself has been invaluable. Lots of information and advice was covered in the areas that were important to us, and going forward we can definitely see improvements already.

Highly recommend!"

Becky and Dan, Somerford





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