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All of our raw minces are DEFRA approved and sourced in the UK where food standards are some of the highest in the world (only our Rabbit and Wild Boar is sourced in the EU). 


For a full list of the benefits associated to feeding raw, take a look at our Dog's Diet page. 


We stock a large range of 100% natural food with no nasty additives or preservatives: -

  • 500g raw mince (80-10-10)

  • Raw meaty bones and carcasses

  • Treats and chews

  • JR, Green & Wild, Dorwest, Pets Purest

We also stock toys, leads and dog training equipment. 

Our minces are 500g each and the all important 80-10-10 ratio (bar tripe and offal): -

  • Chicken

  • Beef

  • Duck

  • Turkey

  • Lamb

  • Tripe

  • Offal

  • Venison

  • Wild Boar

  • Rabbit

  • Oily Fish

  • Salmon




20 x 500g Chubs for only £29.70!

Purchase our specially packaged variety boxes in store! Saving over £13 per box vs buying them individually...


Ask in store for details.


Simply phone through your order and arrange a convenient drop off time. 

Min order £30

Delivery charge may apply

Phone 01202 487780


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Ask in store for details.

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How do you introduce raw food to dogs? 

 It’s really simple, however it does vary with some breeds and ages of dogs so please contact us to talk through your dog’s individual needs, we also have a PDF we will send you that details everything you need to know about feeding raw.

How do you thaw raw dog food? 

For 24 hours in a fridge. Feel free to cover the raw food or keep it safe in a food container such as a Tupperware box. Don’t worry if the food is still slightly frozen because your dogs gut can easily handle this. In fact, we feed frozen bones and carcasses straight out of the freezer all the time in the summer because they’re basically doggy ice lollies! 

Can you feed uncooked chicken to dogs? 

Yes you can! Make sure the raw food you feed is DEFRA approved because this means that it’s been through all the checks needed to ensure your dog is eating ‘safe’ meat. When a dog is raw fed for a few months they build up a healthy gut, able to deal with rotting meat and harmful bacteria. The real risk is with us, so make sure you treat/handle the raw food just like you would raw human food and clean up after yourself, wash their bowl after each meal and wash their water bowl out regularly, it really shouldn’t be any more complicated than this.

Is it safe to feed raw meat to puppies? 

Absolutely! The sooner the better! As soon as they stop taking their mother’s milk at 4-5 weeks old they’re ready for their natural diet of raw food. Most people start on minced food which is fine however they could even take on a chicken carcass at this age.


Our selection of LickiMat's, are one of our best sellers. Designed to de-stress your dog, licking is a soothing behaviour, releasing hormones and relieving boredom. LickiMat's will provide your dog with hours of fun as they lick out the food buried within. 

Great slow feeders for fast eaters. 

Available in different sizes, LickiMat's are a firm favourite of our customers, and range from £4.99 to £9.99. 

Eco Dog toys

Our eco dog toy range from Green & Wilds will keep your dog entertained for hours. Making a great companion and toy to keep your pet occupied, Carlos the Crab and his friends could provide the perfect play date.

Carlos is made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials – suede and jute.

Carlos's friends also include Lenny the Leek, Barry the Banana, Desmond the Duck and many more, priced from £5.99

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