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Taking your dog for a peaceful and relaxing walk in the morning as the sun rises sounds idyllic. But as many dog owners will know, walking your dog on a lead can be a stressful experience, and the last thing from relaxing. 

In our experience, Lead Aggression, where dogs are not comfortable on a lead, is a very common problem. Here from some of our success stories from owners whose walks have been transformed into what they originally dreamed of. 


Walks with Dudley were near impossible. He had to be kept on a harness for safety, as on a normal lead and collar he would near choke himself to death. Will set us up with a behaviour modification plan for Dudley. Six weeks later when we met up Will bought it all together...  we couldn't have done it without him!
"Other behaviourists had tried, yet failed"
Black dog with brown eyes suffered wih lead aggression
Cream dog with lead aggression


Will Kay is an absolute genius, what he has achieved in a few hours has been impossible for me to achieve in 4 years. I met Will today for the first time to help me with my gorgeous boys Nelson and Neo.
Nelson and Neo are lovely dogs but as soon as I put their leads on them they totally change. They constantly bark when they come across people and dogs, it makes walking them an absolute nightmare. I get anxious and so do they. My dream is to go on long peaceful and relaxing walks with them.
After meeting Will I now know that will be possible. Not only do I need to train my boys, I need to train myself as well. From the knowledge that I have learned today not only about behaviour but with diet as well, I’m a 100% confident that my dream will become a reality. It doesn’t just end there because Will is always at the end of the phone with any concerns and at some point we will be meeting up for a dog walk to review our progress. I cannot thank Will Kay enough and I would highly recommend for any of your dogs concerns.

Mandie, Poole
"This has been impossible for me to achieve until
Will came along"


"We are optimistic about the future"

What a great morning we had with Will! From the first moment we spoke, we knew our 2 standard Dachshunds would be in good hands. Will was very clear from the word go, with what his approach would be & gave us hope from the start. We were excited to get started. 
We spent a morning with Will & in that short time, we gained such crucial knowledge about our dogs, their behaviours, actions & diet. We left feeling positive about the future & with clear direction on what to do next. 
Will came on a walk with us (after a quality discussion getting to know us as owners & them in different scenarios), this was a huge learning curve (dogs included). One of our dogs suffers greatly with anxiety which led to some lead aggression. Will had this sorted by the end of the walk and we are left with tips and knowledge to try it alone. We are optimistic about the future and believe we can have calm and balanced dogs who don’t get over excited. 
Will has left us with lots of information to read so our knowledge can grow further. He has said he will come back if we need him and will be at the end of the phone (at no extra cost). We highly recommend Will if you are considering getting some help. He is friendly, passionate about dogs and is a fountain of knowledge!
Caroline and James, Southbourne
Two dachshund dogs on grass - lead aggression


Bulldog on beach - dominant, boisterous
"I can't thank Will enough for the skills and knowledge he has given me"
Will has enabled me to help my bulldog Bear begin his journey on becoming a balanced dog. Before Will came, Bear was prey driven, dominant (in and out of the house) over boisterous and reactive, both on a lead and towards new people in the house. Within a week I had a completely different dog, letting my dog off the lead at a beach.
Will still gives me continuous support after our consultation to keep up my confidence. He happily travelled all the way to sunny Sussex, early morning to work with us before it got too hot. He is extremely professional, easy to talk to and his knowlege of dogs is incredible.
I had tried other behaviourist before and had little success, yet just 5 hours with Will and I have a completely different dog. I couldnt recommend his service enough! 

Happy Dog owner, Sussex
"By the end, Kasey was calm & could walk with another dog"
We had a session with Will the other day to work on our Frenchie' lead aggression.
Kasey used to pull on the lead, sniff around alot and bark/squeal when she came across another dog. Will worked with us for 2 hours using his 3 dogs to help with Kasey's behaviour. By the end of it she was so calm and we were able to walk as a pack with another dog. Still a little progress needed but she was completely different after 2 hours! Can't wait for next week to work with Will again on Kasey barking.
We have also changed Kasey's food, after going in to see Laura in the shop who helped recommend. Fab shop/behaviourist, highly reccomend!! Thanks guys! 
Kasey's Happy Owners, Dorset
Black French Bulldog on carpet



Golden Terripoo on grass.jpg
"We have been to other Dog Behaviourists but with no luck... however within 45 mins with Will there was a huge difference"
Amazing to meet Will yesterday, he is extremely knowledgeable and full of good advice and understanding of not just our dog but of ourselves too.
We have been to other dog Behaviourists and Trainers to try and tackle our Terripoo's lead reactivity with no luck, however within 45 minutes there was a huge difference.
Woody walked nicely alongside us whilst meeting Will's beautiful dogs- something we haven't been able to do without Woody reacting in the past, so this was hugely satisfying and rewarding!
We are looking forward to continuing Woody's training with Will's advice and seeing the long term effects.

*A model has been used to protect Woodys' doggy identity


"The best thing we have ever done for Lola"

Will came to help us with our French bulldog Lola this morning. What can we say... Amazing doesn't quite cut it.
He made us feel relaxed, listened to all our concerns and showed us how these can be addressed. Lola has pulled relentlessly on the lead for 6 months... today she walked beside my husband so well he thought she wasn't on the lead! 
All we can say is if you love your dog and want results call Will. The best thing we have ever done for Lola.
Lola's Owners, Dorset
Black French Bulldog on grass.jpg

*Like Woody, Lola was a little camera shy so this doggy stood in

French Bulldog.jpg


"Can't wait for our next walk... brilliantly done!"
Within an hour Will taught me some valuable skills that we can keep practicing with Malo. He picked up on key points on how I can change and instantly saw results! Can’t wait for the progress to continue and can’t wait for our next walk. Brilliantly done!
Thanks Will. 
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